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Helping to assist new businesses and their start-up, maximize current businesses operations and ultimately profits or other goals. These can come in the form of finding county, state or federal monies and programs through grants, loans or other areas. Also, helping teach the banking language at negotiation and renewal opportunities. Preparing, developing and growing to become a successful business/entrepreneur with good succession planning. Overall, its goal is to help businesses develop top line growth and bottom line success, but not at the expense of an infinite mindset so as to heavily include team members and their talents and gifts to create and develop a true team approach.

Helps consumers with special projects on home building and remodeling (helping find clients the best price, best financing, and best service in the industry); i.e. project management. Families share many times the time, difficulty, and overall experience is overwhelming….a very helpful service especially since its something they don’t do every day.  

Why CSG Consulting Finance and Brokerage for business?

  1. Creating business Strategy.
  2. Use of financial Modeling and Analysis.
  3. Performance Monitoring.
  4. Maintaining a Business dashboard.
  5. Budget deviation and analysis.
  6. Adjusting strategy and managing change.
  7. Because the way something has always been done does not mean it will work today, tomorrow and beyond. Change is the dedication to understanding, awareness and acting upon all things moving within your operation. Its the juggling of all priorities so as to keep them in the circle and in the loop.

The true value of a Chief Financial officer is adding Value. It's much more that just a “book wizard” who handles accounting functions. It’s someone that interprets financial business language and then puts strategy together to help a company or operation utilize its strengths to become successful. It’s about wearing the hat of a lot of different possibilities to make the company optimize its strengths and mitigate its weaknesses. It’s like a defensive or offensive play caller calling a game in football. There are many things that happen in the course of a game, the CFO has to take the facts of things like sales, profits, taxes, and other critical things like staffing/people into consideration and help mold a successful company. Its much more of a human element than most ever realize. A coordinator will look at his third down percentage, first down percentage, yards per play, and red zone efficiency and ultimately points in winning or losing. A CFO does the same with a business, running play calls and personnel sets that are ultimately somewhat of a “feel process” based on individual strengths and weaknesses to see how the business team and many times competitor adjusts. It’s more of a constant or infinite process (as opposed to football) as winning in business is more about long term- whereas football is about winning that particular game. But, that said, there are still smaller measurables that have very similar characteristics as in a football game and season. Which is why many times, businesses love sports-minded individuals in certain capacities. A good CFO helps guide the head coach (President/CEO) with the right ideas and play calls as in a football game. Contrary to most thinking, a great CFO is not just the statistician. He’s the business language interpreter/coordinator who gives great value and advice to encounters in the business life game. To be great at it, he has the experience and knowledge to understand the risks and rewards of situations that go beyond just the tax return, financial and income statement. He is a trusted partner who thinks about all facets: financial, family, spiritual and the business itself. He helps you plan to get to where you truly want to go. He is the doer of things that are difficult with financial results to back. The role is much more people related than ever before- to do it the right way. He is “special ops” and a coordinator for business.

When? The NOW

Especially at the end of year or at quarterly/monthly intervals when reviews on your operation are critical. Other times this role is needed for large changes in operation- both growth and in some cases contraction. It's understanding the why of the operation and how to approach/encounter in a positive influence.


Regional- 3 state area to start. Utilizing my experiences in banking, agriculture, manufacturing/industry, and retail.  Long term plans are the utilization and the development of a downtown “firehall building” in Fort Recovery. My goals are to show and exhibit how my passions collide with profession. Its structures date back to the 1900's era and formerly housed the village mayor, jail and police enforcement. It also was home to the Southwest Mercer Fire District- which ironically saved the building from complete destruction of fire in 2013. 

How Much?

Varies on situation and extent of opportunity. My goal is to see people succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Large loans generally have 50 basis points cost up to 1% at the beginning and built into the deal. Some brokerages have a 50 basis drag for servicing at the end. Consulting can be done on the hour (like an accountant) or project depending upon size and scope. The most important consideration here is the level of time, commitment and extent that it changes that particular situation for its betterment.

Additional notes and applications -

Concierge Services for Financial Wellness

Hybrid/High Level Management - between financial, project and operational management

Also working to develop "angel investors" - "connecting the dots" between people with business ideas and investment/professional experts to create new businesses and ventures 


Chad Guggenbiller

As a senior financial executive, small business owner, and lending executive, restructured, turned around and led companies in volatile, competitive markets to become segment leaders and consistent profit sources in banking, retail and manufacturing sectors. Replaced maintenance strategies with significant growth cultures so as to improve likelihood of business success. As a true difference maker, applied energy and innovation that broke through the ceiling of what was thought to be possible for top line, competitive and margin growth metrics. Directed financial operations so as to leverage first-hand experience in banking to negotiate advantageous terms with banks when considering credit facilities/ bank debt, investments, cash flow, and when explaining other overall financial indicators of the company.

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